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Postcard Distribution Network 2023 Sign-ups

Please fill out this form by the March 31st for consideration as a display location in April 2023. 

How it works:

PDN brings your company's postcards to pre-engaged arts audiences across the Bay. The collaborative and cost-sharing nature makes it an efficient and inexpensive way to reach local theatre goers, hobbyists, and professionals. 


  • Advertising packages are purchased by the delivery route. 
  • There is a San Francisco route, an East Bay route, and a South Bay route*. Each route runs once per month. 
  • Advertisers deliver or mail their postcards, pre-organized, to a drop-off location. (The 2023 drop-off location is TBD)

Display locations: 

  • Theatres, performance venues, and other destinations participate by displaying the postcards. 
  • Display locations receive a discount on their PDN advertising package. 
  • We're currently accepting display locations for the San Francisco, East Bay, and South Bay routes.* 
  • Display locations provide their own display stand, and need to be open for restocking during the delivery window, from 10AM to 5PM.

*For the initial relaunch, we have started with a combined SF/East Bay route, with the intent to grow back to three separate routes for South Bay, East Bay, and SF respectively. This is to ensure the program runs smoothly before scaling back up. We also want to expand the program to the North Bay and beyond.

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Company Info

TBA Company and Associate members receive a discount on advertising programs.

Participate as an Advertiser

Advertisers must deliver or mail their pre-organized postcards to the drop-off location at their own cost. The drop-off location is currently unconfirmed. 

The initial relaunch will only deliver to San Francisco locations. The East Bay and South Bay routes will be relaunched shortly thereafter.

San Francisco
East Bay
South Bay

Select or write-in a rough estimate of how long your team needs between the program relaunch and when you can drop-off your organized postcards for delivery.

Participate as a Display Location
Display locations receive a discount on their PDN advertising package. For the initial relaunch, we're beginning with San Francisco-based display locations. Shortly after the San Francisco relaunch, we'll scale back up the program, reintroducing the East Bay and South Bay distribution routes.

Display locations need to be open for the postcard displays to be restocked during the distributor's delivery window: 10 AM - 5 PM.

Only San Francisco locations will be included in the initial relaunch. East Bay and South Bay routes will relaunch shortly after. 

San Francisco
East Bay
South Bay
None of the above, but we are interested should the program expand in the future!

Select or write-in a rough estimate of how long your team needs before you're ready to accept and display postcard drop-offs.

One Last Thing!

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