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Postcard Distribution Network: Display Location Signup

We are launching a North Bay route in 2024! Fill out this form to join as a display location in the North Bay, East Bay, South Bay/Peninsula, or San Francisco.

How it works:

PDN brings your company's postcards to pre-engaged arts audiences across the Bay. The collaborative and cost-sharing nature makes it an efficient and inexpensive way to reach local theatre goers, hobbyists, and professionals. 


  • Advertising packages are purchased by the delivery route. 
  • There is currently a San Francisco route, an East Bay route, a South Bay route, and a North Bay route. Each route runs once per month. 
  • Advertisers deliver or mail their postcards, pre-organized, to a drop-off location. 

Display locations: 

  • Theatres, performance venues, and other destinations participate by displaying the postcards. 
  • Display locations receive a discount on their PDN advertising package. 
  • We're actively seeking display locations in all regions
  • Display locations provide their own display stand, and need to be open for restocking during the delivery window, from 10AM to 5PM.
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Display locations need to be open for the postcard displays to be restocked during the distributor's delivery window: 10 AM - 5 PM.

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